What to do in London on Christmas Day 2021

Christmas lights in Regent Street London
* Updated for December 2021 *

I keep getting asked by people what is there to do in London during Christmas Day, or to some visitors it might just be the 25th of December.

Are you in London on the 25th of December? Here’s a list of handpicked things for you to do!

London Christmas Lights

Before we begin, some key information and tips:

Choose the location of your hotel wisely

It’s something you should always do, but during Christmas day there is no public transport at all, and any cab or Uber ride will be expensive. Before booking your hotel, check where it is within the city. London is huge, so it can be a good idea to stay quite central and be within walking distance (in London terms 😜) to a few interesting spots.

How to get around

By the magic of your own two feet of course! It’s a great opportunity for you to get to know London by foot. You will most likely travel by tube (London Underground) most of the time, so here’s your opportunity to see it all connect.
Another option is to rent a bike.

You may have seen around the city lots of different bikes. Some are parked together – those are the Santander bikes by TFL (Transport For London) also known by us Londoners as ‘Boris Bikes’, and some of them are owned by private companies and are scattered throughout the city, most common ones I’ve seen are Lime and Jump, both which can be used via their app to find their nearest location. Make sure you have a working credit or debit card for this. No cash can be used.

London has many roads designed for bicycles, but whatever you decide to go for, please be careful and aware of your surroundings.

How to prepare for this day outdoors

It’s no secret that at this time of the year, it’s pretty damn cold in London. Whether it’ll snow or not is impossible to tell. I do this every morning before going out and I suggest you as well, check the daily forecast. Unlike days where things are mostly open and have heating on. On Christmas day there are slim-to-none, therefore you’ll be outside for most of the day (unless you choose to stay at your accommodation, which is not a bad decision).

Here are my tips:

⛄️  Layer up. You can always take something off if you need to.
⛄️  Wear comfortable shoes for walking, but also good for standing the cold.
Bring water and snacks with you. You don’t want to get dehydrated or peckish with no where to purchase food.
Bring a camera or a camera phone. You’ll get plenty of opportunities to view the city emptier than usual (besides other tourists like you). You’ll want memories of this day!
Bring a portable phone battery. You might need it depending on your phone and how long you’ll be out. 
Download Citymapper or use Google Maps. Make sure you know where you are and how to get back to your accommodation. 
⛄️  Bring a hand sanitizer, face mask and tissues. Protect yourself and loved ones, we live in strange time, and we need to get used to it.


Usually when you’re out and about and need a toilet break, you go in to a department store or a restaurant. This will prove tricky during Christmas Day, but worry not! Someone was clever enough to make a map of public toilets for you. This will come in handy.

Christmas decorations in Covent Garden

So what can you do on Christmas day? Here are my suggestions:

A walk in the Royal Parks

Seems like an obvious one, but there are so many beautiful parks all over London. So wherever you stay, there should be at least one you can visit. See the list of open Royal Parks here.

My favorite of them all, Primrose Hill, situated above Regent’s Park, has a great view over the city. Primrose Hill is known for celebrity spotting (I once saw Gwen Stefany there!) though it’s unlikely you’ll see any on Christmas Day, the park is a great spot to visit.

Nearest station: Chalk Farm / Camden Town
Snowy Regent's Park

A walk through Regent’s Canal

Regent’s Canal is 13.8 km (8.6 miles) long. It starts at Paddington Arm and ends at Limehouse Basin. The core of the canal is between Angel and Little Venice, which is still quite a walk but if you’re in the area you can walk any part you’d like. Both of these are docking spots for boats.

Christmas lights open top bus tour

If you don’t fancy taking a walk or bike ride and still want to enjoy the city’s festive season. With the lights open top bus tour you can experience all of that and more while sitting comfortably gazing at London’s landmarks and festive decorations.

There are a few time slots starting when the sun sets.
Tickets are £23 for adults, £18 for kids age 3-16 for £101 for a family of two adults and 2 kids  Book tickets here. 

Little Venice in Regent's Canal

Take a Christmas Day cruise

City Cruises offers a cruise during Christmas Day which is again, advised to book in advance. You’ll cruise by London’s main attractions and they even have a live singer!

The sightseeing ticket will cost you £21 for adults, £10 for children and free for under 4 year olds excluding a meal.
The cruise & meal ticket is £125 for adults, £99 for children for a 4-course traditional meal and a welcome drink. Be advised that it doesn’t specify the menu or dietary requirements, I advise give them a call to get more details.

Christmas in London

Watch the Peter Pan Cup

Every Christmas Day since 1864, London’s bravest swimmers dive into the freezing waters of Hyde Park’s Serpentine, in a competition for the Peter Pan Cup.
If you want to catch it on time, make sure to arrive before 9am when the race starts.

Nearest station: Marble Arch / Lancaster Gate / Hyde Park Corner
Serpentine Hyde Park

Go ice skating at JW3

There is an open ice rink open during Christmas Day, and it happens to be at the Jewish community center. Booking in advance is highly recommended. Tickets are £17 for adults, £12 for children.

Nearest station: Finchley Road

Volunteer and help those in need

The Single Homeless Project believes Christmas is for everyone. Every year they cook and serve Christmas dinner as well as give personalized gifts to bring everyone the festive spirit. If you could you spare a few hours on Christmas Day, you can help prepare the Christmas dinner.

When? Christmas Day between 10am- 2pm
Where? Across London, they will try to match you to an opportunity near you

More info can be found here.

Discover street art at Brick Lane and Shoreditch

If you’re around East London, simply walking the streets of the Shoreditch-Brick Lane areas you’ll discover local street art that was done by many different artists. The street art changes frequently, so even if you’ve been there before you’re most likely to find new decorations to the area. It’s a free, outdoor museum for you to enjoy!

Nearest station: Shoreditch High Street / Liverpool Street
Graffiti Brick Lane London

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