My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe, and my camera is my passport

This inspiring quote is more than words to me, it is a lifestyle.
I intend to live by it every day.

Born and raised in Israel, my fascination for visuals began from a young age. That led me to pick up a camera in my teen years as I wanted to remember everything I see and document every experience I had. I then studied photography at Studio Gavra, where I realised that photography is my passion, drive, sense of self and mission in life! Since then my camera is a part of me and always by my side.

My first trip abroad was to London and that is where I fell in love with the city. I photographed everything because I wanted to remember it all! A few years later I made the decision to move to London to do BA in Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins. During my studies photography came hand-in-hand with my design work, as I gained valuable knowledge and experienced once in a lifetime opportunities.

As my love for photography kept evolving and growing, I gained opportunities doing live Concert Photography of artists and musicians I love, capturing their raw emotions during performance along with Social Media photography, Animal Photography and more. While I thoroughly enjoyed all of that, with time I realized that my passion is traveling and capturing the experiences during my trips.

To me, traveling is a sense of Freedom.

Romi sitting at the edge of Dover White Cliffs

As a London Photographer living in Europe, it is easier now more than ever for me to see the world. I love roaming around with my camera in an unfamiliar place and get lost in it. To breathe in the culture, traditions and unique story of each place I visit. To document it all so I can always remember all those small yet meaningful moments. That is how Romi Around – The Traveling Photographer was born.

I love to do thorough research before each trip. That includes where to find the best vegan food places, viewpoints for Landscape Photography and unique spots for Urban Photography, Street Photography and Lifestyle Photography. The more unique and hidden it is, the more I like it!

As a Travel Photographer, all of this gives me great joy to share my travel stories with the world, with you!

My main areas of focus are:

ISRAEL – having lived there for the majority of my life, there are plenty of Pictures of Israel in my archives.
CORNWALL – with every Cornwall visit I discover more about this beautiful county. My husband was born there, so I have seen and been to some incredible places.
LONDON – having lived here for over a decade, I became familiar with its unique places and keep discovering more about the city every day.

Photo travel to me is a collection of memories that last forever. With every photograph that I take, I remember when and where it was. The best souvenir from a trip is a photograph of a moment or experience we had. You can now buy some of my favorite photographs as Prints for Sale, where you can own one of the best moments I had captured while traveling.

A little more about me

I love to watch the world go by
I am vegan and passionate about animal rights
I love a good pun
I feel the sense of freedom when I travel
My brain generates thousands of ideas every day
I always choose the window seat on a flight
I have a Fanta bottle collection from 50+ countries
I love geometric, clean, simplistic design
I am a Nintendo geek
Wherever I go, my Nikon is always there with me