Tube station platform in London. One man is sitting waiting for the train, another man walking across the platform with his suitcase

A split second can make all the difference for the perfect shot when capturing  situations in street photography. It is often a fast moment that in the blink of an eye will be gone. Over the years I have learned to anticipate and be ready before these moments happen. I am always ready, staying sharp […]


Cat camouflage sitting in the street

Stray cats are a common sight in the streets of Israel. Often people see those cats as a nuisance, but in fact they each have a story to tell us if we just stop and give them attention. I wanted to give the voiceless a voice. For years I have been documenting street cats giving […]

Left Behind

Left behind red kids umbrella on the side of the road

What inspired me to create this collection was the variety of items I found on the street. Each tells a story of why they are left where they are and what they might have meant to the person who owned them. Whether they were left behind on purpose or not – they have a meaning. […]

Earth Textures

A wall of green leaves

The beauty of mother earth is all around us. I enjoy taking a moment to appreciate the geometric textures and patterns created arbitrarily and naturally.   It inspires me to capture them to remember those moments forever.


A parking car with a mask hanging from its mirror

The impact the pandemic has had on the world has changed our perspective on how we see things and limits us as humans from what we love to do. As a traveling photographer, I too feel the limitations of being grounded to one place.  The collection focuses on these changes that have tested us since […]

Christmas Wreaths

Bauble Christmas wreath on a mint green door

On Christmas day I took a stroll in my London neighborhood.  So many houses had hung festive wreaths on their colorful doors. It was a beautiful sight that we only get to see once a year. This time I made a little collection out of them.

No Parking

No parking sign on a blue garage door

A common occurrence when driving in unknown areas is the frustration of having difficulty finding a parking space. The signs themselves appear in many forms and locations, but they all mean the same thing – do not park here.

Typography & Signage

A mirrored double sign hanging from an ancient brick building

The art form of lettering is something that has always been close to my heart. It  was when I was a graphic design student at Central Saint Martins when I met typography professor Phil Baines. His influence on me was so great that until today I look up, down and around to find unique lettering […]


A smiling dog being pet by multiple people

Man’s best friend – There is a reason why we use this phrase to describe dogs. They are loving and affectionate, how can anyone resist such caring animals? Each dog has their own characteristics, some features are mimicked by their human companion which really embodies the connection between us as humans and dogs as not […]


Heart shaped pink flower

Take a moment to enjoy the world’s greatest artist: nature.   Many people take inspiration from it. Being around nature to me is like air to breathe. Disconnecting from the hectic world and tuning in to the calm peacefulness of the earth. The art form of nature comes in many shapes and colors, they are truly […]