Catography in Israel: Part #1

When I visited Israel back in January, I had a lot of catching up to do with travel, seeing family and friends (and booking a wedding venue! 👰).

While doing all that, I took my camera with me on every journey, and though not new to me I started once again taking photos of street cats, those who are often ignored.

Cat sitting on the ledge of a window

If you have never been to Israel before, here is an FYI: there are many street cats! They are of course harmless and if anything some of them might get a little bit too friendly (who does not want some warmth and love?) They come in all shapes, colors and attitudes. And I wanted to share their stories.

Cat sitting in the middle of an empty road

I spent the better half of my visit to Israel getting to know them and photographing them. I waited for the right moment to get a bit of their personality across. It’s like photographing humans that cannot speak. Their emotions shine through their eyes. These furry friends will convince the biggest dog lover to be on their whisker-side.

Me with a friendly cat

It is important to know that as much as they are absolutely adorable, having so many of them in the street is an epidemic. There are not enough homes to take all of them in. They can survive in the street for the most part, but they really all deserve a loving home.

Two cats curled up napping on an outdoor coffee shop bench

There are many people who feed the cats in organized feeding-stations across the country and there are also a lot of communities and shelters that help take care of those cuties and find them a home when possible.

If you would like to know more, volunteer, donate or adopt check out a few shelters that will definitely love your support:

🐱 LetLive
🐱 Israel Cat Lovers Society
🐱 Girgurim
🐱 SOS Pets

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Sign: "Drive slow, cats around. Please careful"

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