Discover Euston Station’s Lost Tunnels

I live in London for over 8 years now. At some point you may feel like you have seen and done it all. Fortunately, London is the tree that keeps on giving, and as such I discovered the Hidden London Tours from the London Transport Museum.

There is a great selection of tours such as Churchill’s Secret Station and Charing Cross station where they filmed Skyfall. We chose to go to the Euston Hidden Tunnels tours, mainly because of the old typographic posters still left there.

An old notice poster in Euston station's hidden tunnles

We were greeted by 2 tour guides who throughout the trip educated us about the history of the London train network on its early days.

Euston station opened in 1837 for trains commuting between London and Birmingham (L&BR). When the line was completed in 1838, it became the first railway to connect London with the Midlands. 

Nostalgic posters on the walls of Euston station's hidden tunnels

Fast forward to 1903, two competing companies, the Charing Cross, Euston & Hampstead Railway (CCE&HR) and the City & South London Railway took advantage of the passenger traffic traveling into London and opened competing stations, but initially neither were permitted to have an entrance on the mainline station. As a result, the London & North Western Railway (L&NWR) allowed them to build a shared underground ticket hall, connecting to tunnels linked to the two tube stations on opposite sides of the main railway station.

All the posters have been left untouched for decades

Walking through these hidden tunnels granted such a unique experience. We were above and below commuters of the busy Euston station. 

The hidden treasures found in those untouched tunnels were incredible.
Makes you reflect on how efficient and forward thinking the railing network system has always been and yet, how much has changed with time.

Old poster layers that create beautiful scenery throughout the tunnels

The tunnels feel like you’re inside a movie and you can’t believe it’s reality. More than reality – it’s history, kept untouched!

For tickets and more information about the Euston – The Lost Tunnels here.

Repeats Weekly on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday all day until Sunday 24 July 2022
Key information:
Duration: Approx. 75 minutes
Time: 10.00, 12.05, 14.55 and 17.00 each day
Location: Meet at the south exit of Euston Square station, on the corner of Gower Street and Euston Road
Walking through the tunnel feels surreal

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