The London Hidden Street You Didn’t Know About

How many times have you walked through central London and never realized you were missing the hidden street that lays below ground level? 

I sense your face expression now, confused.
What hidden street are you talking about, Romi? 🤔

Let me assure you: it does exist. Even more so, the hidden street is in Soho! And I’m here to tell you all about it 🤓

This hidden street has a name: it’s called Little Compton street.

Without knowing of its existence, it is easy to walk past and miss the street. It is a very busy area in central London many people and cars pass by it every day, most of them have no idea what is hiding there.

Exactly a week ago today, when London was still closed and empty of tourists, I decided to take advantage of the momentary quiet in the streets and go find Little Compton street myself. To find this street that lays below ground level, you need to find the traffic island in the intersection between Charing Cross road and Old Compton street. This is where I found the grille that hides the secret well and let this old street see the day of light.

How many times have you walked past this traffic island?
It's very easy to miss the hidden street below this grill

To see the old Little Compton street signs you need to really bend down and not be afraid to be on your knees in order to look through the narrow grille. The sign angle is also tricky to view. 

Oh but guess what? you’re in luck, I’ve done it all for you! It is important to be very careful when documenting the hidden street. I waited for the right moment to sneak a few photos and even a video for my readers so you can see what it is all about 😉

Close up of the street below street level
Wide angle of the street below street level

Little Compton street was the connecting part between Old Compton street and New Compton street in Soho. The street disappeared towards the end of the 18th century and was repurposed as a utility tunnel connecting to the nearby Cambridge Square.

All of that was done so Charing Cross road will connect between two popular London destinations: Trafalgar Square and Oxford Street at its Tottenham Court road side. The double Little Compton street signs stayed preserved with an opening protected by the grille for the world to see, though most passersby have no idea of its existence. Quite odd, right?

The hidden street can be found on the corner of Charing Cross Road
The hidden street can be found on the corner of Old Compton Street

We all know that London has a rich history. I love finding out about the less known facts and hidden gems of the city. After living in London for over a decade, I can honestly say that I still keep discovering more about the city and that is part of the reason I love living here so much ❤️️

If you fancy taking on this little adventure like I did, I have prepared for you a map with the hidden street’s exact location.

Nearest underground stations:
Tottenham Court Road, Covent Garden, Leicester Square

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