Accidentally Wes Anderson pop up has arrived to London

Accidentally Wes Anderson also known as AWA, captures the spirit of the multi-talented Wes Anderson who is known for films such as The Grand Budapest Hotel and Isle of Dogs. The Accidentally Wes Anderson pop up opened on December 4th and is free to visit until the 23rd of December 2020. AWA can be found […]

Guide to the Best Vegan Restaurants in Lisbon, Portugal

Being vegan in Lisbon is a lot easier than you might think! Lisbon has always been at the top of my must-see places. It is the colorfulness and lively scenery of the city that attracted me to go there. I am happy to say Lisbon did not disappoint 😍 After we got married and tried […]

Where I love to eat in Cornwall

Vegan Paella and chargrilled veg

I plan my trips detail by detail. Part of it is to find all the good spots to eat! Ahead of our Cornwall trip, I’ve marked myself all the food spots I want to go to and now I share my experience with you, to help you plan yours 😉 Being vegan is a choice, […]

A trip to St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall

Waking up on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning in Cornwall is a great start to the day. We ventured towards the town of Marazion during the low-tide times that revealed the path to one of the most unique and photogenic places in the UK – St Michael’s Mount. Since the path to the island is […]

The Hidden Garden In The Heart Of London

In the heart of London lies a hidden garden built over the ruins of a church. The rich history behind it is a good enough reason for you to pay St Dunstan in the East a visit. One of the most fascinating things about London is the vast variety of areas within its region. You […]

5 Day Trips From London To Explore

I want to go on holiday! – I can hear you think it.  We all need a bit of relaxation, vacation, or in this case.. a staycation. A day trip would be a good start. I have been living in London for the past 10 years and am lucky enough to have the option of […]

The London Hidden Street You Didn’t Know About

How many times have you walked through central London and never realized you were missing the hidden street that lays below ground level? I sense your face expression now, confused. What hidden street are you talking about, Romi? 🤔 Let me assure you: it does exist. Even more so, the hidden street is in Soho! […]

Get Lost In The Lost Gardens of Heligan

I have been to Cornwall more times than I can count. It is such a beautiful and full of life county in the Southwest of England. This is the main reason I keep coming back there, may it be sun or rain. I always tell my husband Will, who happens to be Cornwall born and […]

10 Travel Programs to Watch During Coronavirus Quarantine

Night on Earth Netflix

We’re all on the same boat, or should I say, quarantine counting the days until the coronavirus is out of our lives and we can go and explore the world again. Those of us that suffer from the ‘travel bug’ are finding it difficult to stay put, me included! and until the coast is clear, […]

Our Top 5 Music Venues in London

Last week I was asked by my husband Will to be a guest on his music radio show, WillRiot at Rhino Radio. I had a great time presenting songs, more than I expected actually! I therefore thought it’ll be a great opportunity to ask Will to make a guest appearance on my blog 💁 Music […]

This Seal Sanctuary is a Must See in Cornwall

What is better than a day out? A day out surrounded by cute animals! Cornwall has 8 sanctuaries spread within the county. It is a perfect spot in the southern part of England where there are miles and miles of the open outdoors to keep and protect animals. Some of the animals that can be […]

& Juliet Is The Best New Musical In London, Here’s Why

Some might say London is a strong competitor to Broadway when it comes down to musicals. Though I have been living in London for over 9 years now, I can count the musicals I have seen on one hand 🙊 My relationship with musicals is complex: I only enjoy them when they are music based […]

What to do in London on Christmas Day 2019

I keep getting asked by people what is there to do in London during Christmas Day, or to some visitors it might just be the 25th of December. Are you in London on the 25th of December? Here’s a list of handpicked things for you to do! Want a session of professional photos from your […]

Why I love Stadtschrift and Vienna’s Lettering Heritage

Before we begin, a quick yet important sidenote: I’ve been taking a break from my blog for a few months. I’ve been extremely overwhelmed with how busy I was and had to make some decisions. But worry not – I am back! With many stories to share with you 😊 Ahead of my travels to […]

Discover Euston Station’s Lost Tunnels

I live in London for over 8 years now. At some point you may feel like you have seen and done it all. Fortunately, London is the tree that keeps on giving, and as such I discovered the Hidden London Tours from the London Transport Museum. There is a great selection of tours such as […]

Discovering New Heights in Dover

Dover is a great destination to those wanting to escape London’s busy city life and find themselves in a relaxing atmosphere that feels like a trip abroad. In just about 1 hour on the train or under 2 hours by car heading east, you can find yourself next to the chalky White Dover Cliffs and beaches. The […]

My Favourite Place to Eat in Cornwall

Cornwall is a beautiful place. I often find myself escaping there from the big city. Having a Cornish husband definitely helps 😉. I love Cornwall. I find that it offers similarities to my hometown in Israel. People are friendly and chatty, the fresh air and the local businesses. A pair of salt and pepper shakers […]

Catography in Israel: Part #1

When I visited Israel back in January, I had a lot of catching up to do with travel, seeing family and friends (and booking a wedding venue! 👰). While doing all that, I took my camera with me on every journey, and though not new to me I started once again taking photos of street […]

Vienna’s Beautiful Lettering Culture

Updated 10/10/19 A few years ago when I was still a graphic design student, I was a part of a Typography Special Interest group (aka design nerds) where our tutor planned a trip abroad once a year to a different county, where we would go around the city discussing lettering of signs found in the […]